Choir - en route

Founded in 2013, the choir has already realised its first stage performances: at the campus party of the Ruhr University, "Just in time, just in sequence" by Ari Benjamin Meyers for the Detroit Project and participation in the Sing - Day of Song.

Every Thursday | 19-21 | Max-Kade-Hall, Laerholzstr. 82, 44801 BO

Participation is free for students, staff of Bochum‘s Universities and the AKAFÖ as well as for interested citizens of Bochum.

We are in search of hobby singers with all pitches of the voice and different musical style preferences, particularly male voices. As for the musical direction, the choirmaster Natalie Mol is oriented towards music pieces that just make fun. The repertoire ranges from Renaissance, Rock, Musical, Modern Music, Folk to Classical Music.

Participation request is anytime possible

Come around, try out and finally clarify details with the choirmaster Ms Natalie Mol.

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