History of boskop

boSKop started in 1986 as part of a pilot test of the federal state of NRW with the aim to promote student Culture engagement. For over 25 years, the AKAFÖ Culture Office boSKop has been supporting students and student initiatives with technology and know-how.

In 1990, the Culture Office became a part of the AKAFÖ with a mission to encourage, develop and promote student projects. In cooperation with the management of the Academic Support Group (AKAFÖ) this integration has become a success. In this way boSKop operates as a knowledge portal enabling continuity and quality of student projects throughout the years. Being a department of the AKAFÖ, the Culture Office is responsible for Bochum’s universities and the Westphalia University in Gelsenkirchen, Recklinghausen and Bocholt. Target groups are students, university staff and the AKAFÖ staff as well as interested people coming either from the city or the region. 

Change of Management in 2012


In the beginning of October 2012 Heiko Jansen took over the management position at boSKop. Ulrich Seifert, his predecessor, had been a director of the Culture Office since its inception in 1986. Mr. Jansen had worked in the Press Office of the AKAFÖ since 2004. Also in this role, he has already supported the Culture Office through publications on various projects. Mr. Jansen is very familiar with Bochum’s cultural scene – especially with the student one. Born in 1974 in Duisburg, even during the school years, he made first acting attempts in the theatre industry, quickly followed by cultural activities in Moers, and among all moderations and acting, film projects and his function as a chairman of a film club.

Jansen made film and television, theatre and sociology studies in Bochum. At the Ruhr University (RUB), he was also a member of the student council, was a student council secretary for pop culture, communication and later culture and got involved in the field of event organization as a student. He is married and has two children. He plans to continue working and supporting new projects, such as Bochum UniverCity, the opening of Bochum’s universities to the city.

AKAFÖ-Culture Office boSKop

We promote and support student culture, organize and realize events. We offer comprehensive courses and workshops as well as technical equipment to student initiatives for rental at favourable prices. The team consisting of students, project managers and regular staff ensures continuous cultural activities close to the students. The existing partnerships with the region’s municipalities, student union, universities, initiatives, mass media and culture operators are decisive for the implementation of both permanent and new projects.

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