Disability Compensation

In accordance with the German constitution, disabled people are not allowed being discriminated. In The German Equal Treatment Act, it is therefore consequently specified how and where discrimination of disabled people must be avoided. 

If there were no disability compensation for disabled and chronically ill students, many of them would have any opportunities, would get worse grades through no fault of their own and would have to suspend their long-standing studies without obtaining a qualification; ultimately, they would be denied the academic profession.

The examples stated below show how to apply or treat disability compensations of disabled and chronically ill students.

Since students, examination offices and lecturers concerned are often equally unsure how to deal with this principle, you will find an exemplary formulation on the page "Disability Compensation Request", how you can make your application as a student and how you can react either as a lecturer or a Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Within the disability compensation, many affected persons are, for example, dependant on writing their exams in a separate room by means of a handicapped accessible computer. Examination offices and faculties are offered to use our computer work room for writing such exams. Among the links below you will thus find a prepared agreement that shall be kindly submitted by lecturers or responsible persons to us in due time before the start of the exam. In addition, please contact us directly in any case in order to discuss all details.

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